Join us in Egypt’s hospitality roadshow event of the year.

September 2023

Tap Into Limitless Possibilities - By Kwentra

An immersive journey in everything hospitality.

  • Avoid incomplete bookings, multiply your sales on OTAs, and improve your pricing tactics.
  • Explore facilitated and secure payment solutions for your guests.
  • Keep up with the latest in cloud technology and its global impact on hospitality.
  • Retain your guests with our guest loyalty programs and improve your guest experience.

Agenda of the day

Morning Coffee

Part 1:

  • Evolution of hospitality technology in Egypt by Kwentra: Mai Shalaby - CEO

An introductory session covering the local industry’s hot topics, the newest technologies used, and wrapping up with the digital shift of property management solutions (PMS). More about Kwentra:

  • Online Distribution and E-commerce by Staah: Jai Motihar - Head of Business Development - Middle East

Hoteliers are changing their traditional marketing and distribution styles. In this session, we explore the many benefits of channel managers and booking engines and uncover their business potential. More about Staah:

  • Revenue Management for Hoteliers by Hotellab: Nikolaos Tsitsoulis - Co-Founder & Commercial Director

Improved strategies and tools to increase your hotel’s revenue. In this section, you will learn all about dynamic pricing and giving out the best packages to your guests according to each season, market demand, and competition. More about

lunch break

Part 2:

  • Guest Experience Automation by James & Rita  and OpenTec: David Veil-Héraud - Director of Corporate Strategy 

Here we answer how hotels can adapt to the new tech-oriented consumer behavior and improve the hotel’s overall communication line. With most travellers preferring mobile-first experiences, hoteliers can provide an open line of communication with their guests starting from the booking experience to just before, during, and after their stay. More about James & Rita: and OpenTec:

  • Payment Solutions for Hotels by Kashier Online Platform: Khaled Raslan - CEO

With the rise of payment gateways in Egypt, we explain their full potential in local hospitality. In this session, we illustrate how payment solutions can facilitate hotel operations such as online booking confirmation, reducing overall manual effort, and improving guest journeys. More about what Kashier offers:

  • The Usage of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in Hospitality by kwentra: Ahmed Toulan - CTO

Explore what AI has to offer for Egypt’s hospitality sector. In the event’s last session, we explain how implementing AI tools can enhance hotels’ operations, from facilitating online bookings to reducing response time for inquiries and automating routine tasks. More about Kwentra:

Event Details:


September 25, 2023.

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Continental Hotel Hurghada


Sharm El Sheikh

September 27, 2023.

From 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Amphoras Beach Hotel

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