As part of a longstanding commitment toward empowering hoteliers and hospitality professionals, Kwentra launched its first workshop in 2023.  “Tech Hospitality for IT Leaders” is the first edition of a series of events aimed at educating and informing IT professionals nationwide. 

 Our first stop was in Red Sea’s Hurghada, where IT leaders were invited to attend an extensive two-day workshop covering the newest technologies in hotel management solutions, cloud systems, and effective methods for hotels’ digital transformation.  

The event included seven talks presented by Kwentra’s chief officers and notable guest speakers Dr. Mohamed Taha Managing Director of T.I.T Solutions and Mr. Emad Attia Co-founder of 3M for System Integration. 

Toward the end of the workshop, participants took part in an interactive case study session to deepen their understanding of the workshop’s agenda. The “Tech Hospitality for IT Leaders” was then concluded with a brief certificate handover ceremony.


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