"Tech Hospitality for IT Leaders" Workshop

Date: 7-8 March
Venue: Marriott Beach Resort - Hurghada
Time: 1 PM - 5 PM

Revolutionize your hotel technology

Over the course of two days, participants will develop a deep understanding of the latest technological trends in hospitality along with effective application methods to facilitate hotels’ digital shift


By the end of the second day of this workshop, participants will receive a certificate of completion, accredited by Kwentra.

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Day 1

Talk 1: Hospitality Tech Scene

Talk 2: Enabling IT Experts (pt 1): Intro to cloud technology

Talk 3: Enabling IT Experts (pt.2): Security of Cloud

Talk 4: Property Management Systems for IT personnel

Day 2

Talk 1: Recap of Day 1: A quick entry into cloud technology

Talk 2: Understanding Cloud Infrastructure (GCP essentials and Microsoft Azure fundamentals)

Talk 3: The know-how of presenting & pitching ideas/projects

Talk 4: A Guide to project management and continuous improvement

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